Joe Scarborough

Scott Barton has had a long association with Joe Scarborough, Sheffield’s most famous artist, dating back to 1991.  

Joe Scarborough is Sheffield’s most celebrated artist. He was born in Pitsmoor in 1938 and spent most of his childhood in Parson Cross. At the age of 15 Joe began work as a laboratory assistant at Batchelors foods, and then moved on to become a face worker at Thorpe Hesley Colliery. It was the great contrast of darkness below ground, and the light and colour of the world above that inspired Joe to take paint to canvas.

In 1966 Joe left the pit to concentrate on his true passion of painting. In order to finance this bold step, undertook a series of jobs including municipal park gardener, washer upper and cinema doorman – gold braid and all.

Joe’s reputation as an artist soon grew, and, in 1973 he staged his first one man show which led to exhibitions in the Barbican & Guildhall – London, then San Francisco, Chicago & Athens.

Scarborough paintings now appear in major collections around the world, but despite his success, Joe remains living and working in the City of his birth.

Scott commissioned the Millhouses Park painting (pictured below). Limited edition, signed prints are now available of this painting.

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