Consultation, Promotional & Experiential Events

An event or festival is a great way to capture the interest and engage with your target market, whether it’s to conduct a public consultation or promote a campaign.

Carrying out a survey may only generate a few responses, but hold a fun festival providing entertainment and you’re likely to get much higher levels of valuable feedback. Staging an event also gives you a strong opportunity to raise awareness of your products, services or campaigns and influence the people you’re trying to connect with.

Whatever you want to promote, whether it’s a product, a shop or an educational message, injecting some theatre into your marketing can make a huge difference. We’ll devise a totally individual event or campaign to engage the public, achieve your objectives and ensure the experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Consultation & Promotional Tours

By its unique and fun nature our Classic American School Bus draws a crowd wherever it goes! This makes it the perfect tool to help engage prospective interviewees, encourage people to complete questionnaires and start conversations that lead to valuable public interest and feedback. Find out more about hiring our bus here [BUS HIRE]

“After contacting Yellow Bus Events regarding a week-long breakfast show tour in the yellow bus, we didn’t realise just how much attention it would attract as we broadcast the show live from inside it! It served us well as a huge fully branded marketing tool (with the Yellow Bus Events team’s assistance on the branding production); it perfectly housed our mobile studio; and it created a focal point for the five locations we visited, attracting listeners to see the bus and presenters. The stand-out and buzz that the bus provided was down to the unique nature of an American school bus within our five locations. Listeners and the team at Real Radio were pleasantly surprised about the level of spec on board the bus and members of the public who came to visit were keen to get on it and be pictured by it. We were well looked after and I would highly recommend using the yellow bus to spread your message and brand to an actively engaged and curious audience.”

Ricky Durkin

Programme Director – Real Radio